When to Start Using Braces

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Published: 16th July 2012
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The timing of putting braces on your teeth has always remained as a mystery question in peopleís mind. The time for the installation of braces depend on various factors. Some people think that it works well at the earliest possible stage, and if you start using braces at this earliest possible age, then you are more likely to wear the braces for a considerably lesser duration of time, in comparison to the ones, who start wearing braces at a later stage in their lives. However, orthodontists examine their patients and then decide on, with the involvement of many factors to consider, so as when to recommend the braces. One of the main factors is the purpose of braces for the patients, and the result that the orthodontists are trying to achieve with the use of braces.
The purpose of braces is the most crucial one to identify. There are various purposes and results that can be achieved by the use of braces; one should be aware of all these uses. Then all the primary purpose and supposed result should be identified in the earliest possible stage: at a time when the patient is still a young kid. The purpose should be communicated and discussed with the orthodontist then. In this way, the orthodontist will have the time to carefully and thoroughly examine the patient and in accordance with that purpose, he will suggest the most suitable time for the patient to start wearing braces.
It is important to understand the mechanics of braces, before you can arrive at any conclusion about when to start using braces. Dentists and orthodontists recommend younger patients, because when a person is young or in his or her teenage group, his jaws are still forming up and the roots are not completely fixed. So, in this case, it proves comparatively easier to modify the shapes of jaw and teeth. Because it is easier to treat a younger patientís teeth, as it is in a bit more ready-made conditions to alter the positions, the younger ones are also more likely to wear the braces for a comparatively shorter period of time.
However it does not mean that adult people cannot alter their teeth with the help of braces. In fact, according to a survey, it was revealed that 25% of the orthodontistsí patients are of adult age groups, and not the youngsters. This means that adult people can also use braces, but since there roots have been fixed with the growing passage of time, and their teeth completely in their positions, the braces duration may take comparatively more time than it took with the younger ones.
The gist of the mystery is that both the age groups, the young ones and the adults, both can wear braces and can be treated for any oral alteration and modification. However, it takes a different set of durations for both the parties. It is easier and takes lesser amount of time with the young people, as compared to the adult ones, mainly because of the reason that with the growing passage of time, the teeth and their roots fix in mouth and it becomes difficult to modify them. On the other hand, the more preliminary work that can be done before the braces directly shortens the duration of braces after then, which is more possible with the younger patients. So, visit the orthodontist as soon as you and your mouth feel ready for it.

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